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What is CDN How we help with our CDN technology

What is CDN

CDN that helps stabilize the services of digital contents

It has mass storage and a variety of contents in accordance with the change in internet business environment. CDN is a technology that provides safe and fast delivery of content. CDN installs the server under the ISP(internet service provider) network, saves the relevant contents in advance, and delivers them safely and efficiently to customers as requested.

  • Traffic dispersion technology (DTS) is applied.
  • Contents security technology is applied.
  • Stable Live Streaming service is available.
  • Stable Live Streaming service is available.
  • Virtual Switching System (VSS) is used to ensure price competitiveness and stability of the service.

How we help with our CDN technology


We have a,

  • Platform that allows any protocol delivery regardless of where the customers’ contents are.
  • A variety of reporting and improved statistics system.
  • Upgraded monitoring for barrier free service.

*OnnuriNet has the patent of Overlay Multicast and the source technology.

We provide features Like...

Media Streaming  File Delivery  Web Acceleration

Media Streaming 

The ability to access the internet through mobile anywhere and anytime has changed the market’s paradigm. Content operators need to work to provide seamless services not only on PC or TV, but also on smartphones, tablets and smart devices to the customers. OnnuriNet CDN has the technology to deliver high quality media files safely, optimize content according to each device, and secure the copyrights of the files.

H.264 High Quality Service

  • Provides streaming service for each media format.
  • Provides Live Scheduling function.
  • Provides services that transcode the media format. (mp4, wmv transcoding, bitrate conversion function)

Http Streaming Service

  • Downloadable streaming in HD
  • Contains streaming platform for each media format
  • Seamless streaming
  • Bitrate controlling technique

Grid Delivery Service

  • Supported in all browsers (Chrome, Explorers, FireFox, Safari, Opera, etc.)
  • Stable service even with concurrent use by many servers
  • Provides service corresponding to each customer’s hardware capability

File Delivery 

It is a service that provides fast and safe delivery of mass contents using the download server. It delivers various files such as software install file or patch file, using customized protocols by customers.


  • It is a system that provides optimum routes for contents delivery to GSLB customers
  • It provides a stable service even with sudden increase of access

Provides a File Upload Tool of its own

  • Ensures QoS at temporary traffic

Provides a downloader for delivery of mass files

  • Download resuming function
  • Mass file Downloading function
  • Supports Various Protocols (Http, Ftp, etc.)
  • Download Status (Elapsed time, Remaining time, Sending speed, volume of the receiving file)

Web Acceleration

It is a service that provides a stable and efficient web service by delivering the contents from the website on customers’ frequent requests with distributed processing technology at times of unpredictable traffic or network errors.

  • Accelerated web service such as speed and security of the contents
  • Solved the bottleneck state network
  • Reduced the expenses on mass storage of the contents
  • Security against harmful websites by connecting the IP address of the web servers to the cache server
  • Provides cache systems in sync with the user’s service circumstances (Jaguar, Squid, etc.)