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Hello, I am Seong-kyun Kim, the CEO of Onnurinet. With over ten millions of households using the internet, South Korea is known to be the world’s superpower. There have been two major steps of technology innovation. Fortunately, I was in the center of the second technology innovation. Onnurinet is moving towards developing technology and solution to harmonize the information and communication with our everyday lives through internet. Although Korea’s internet technology is the world’s leading technology, there still seems to have rooms to improve in order to be applied to our everyday lives. Onnurinet will also expand the technology, experience, and know-hows to the world for the prosperity and happiness of all humankind. We will continue to be in the movement of the internet of the international society to that of the next generation through forming partnerships with home and foreign enterprises.

I look forward to your ongoing interest. 


Thank you.

Onnurinet CEO   Seong-kyun Kim