IPTV Solution

    Internet Protocol Television Solution

Internet-based Broadband Digital Media Service Solution

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a system that provides digital media service to customers using internet protocol through broadband connections.It is an optimal IPTV solution for business operators who want to provide a media service within the country and overseas through internet.

  • Live Broadcast Solution
  • On-demand Bidirectional Broadcast Solution
  • IPTV System Management Solution

Our Service Package and Solution Features

  • It is a competitively priced exclusive IPTV service solution in contrast to any foreign-made solutions.
  • It is made to be easy for management, maintenance and extendibility with its source technology.
  • It has high efficiency for data management through batch management of web-based central administration system.
  • The increase of the servers or independent expansion in network structure change is feasible.
  • It provides various options to meet the users’ needs.

service package and solution feature



CastBox(Multicast System)


CastBox is a live broadcast support system with multicast service even in a network that doesn’t support multicast.
Also, it supplies multicast, personal IP (NAT) and movable IP within different internet surroundings such as xDSL, Cable, B&A, Ethernet and Leased Line.

OnnuriNet CastBox is a multicast system for real-time streaming services.

cast boxFeatures

  • IP multicast and application-level multicast supported currently
  • Dynamic overlay routing and reliable streaming
  • Flexible Hybrid P2P Multicast Solution
  • Support hierarchical configuration
  • Support Multi-platform
  • Support Multi-channel
  • Support QoS
  • Easy Management (Remote Management, Real Time Monitoring and Statistics Reports)


  • IPTV Live Service, Internet Live Broadcast Service


VOD System

As a broadband video-on-demand (VOD) server that supports standard RTSP / RTP in an IP Network,it is a highperformance system for streaming media formats, including H.264 for each species as MPEG-TS transfer technology.

Very economical cost to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and broadcasters, businesses, public institutions helps ensure the most effective VOD service, reliability and scalability to maximize customers’ satisfaction with high quality system.


  • RTSP / RTP protocol based standard PC and STB interworking
  • Supported video formats: H.264 , MPEG – 1 / 2 ( MPEG2 – TS format)
  • Mass treatment reliably connected (up to 9Gbps performance)
  • Trick play (Trick-Play) support: Fast forward , rewind , pause, search, slow-motion, maximum speed 128
  • High-quality video (over 20Mbps) services without compromised performance


  • IPTV, Internet TV service
  • House broadcasting services, room service (hotel)
  • One advantage of advertising / public relations services and other VOD service system


GIS (Global Index Server)

GIS is a system that is set as an active path of Contents Global Index Server. It employs a function to connect to the optimal media server whichpre-deploys the requested content, and has a function to distribute the independent Balancing load of the media server to the network.


  • Content Dynamic Routing
  • N / W device -independent media (VoD, etc.), server load balancing (Load-Balancing) function
  • Media server configuration and status interlock


  • IPTV, Internet TV service


Management System

Mass Media Transfer service requires operation and management of various services and subscriber management to deliver input to the content.

MGMT is an integrated management system developed to effectively operate, manage and automate business services needed for IPTV and Internet TV service operations.

MGMT system has the ease and efficiency of use as the optimal integrated management of operational programs that allow you to work with all the systems required for IPTV and Internet TV service.It controls each process, service delivery and expression monitoring.


  • BMS(Broadcast Management System)
  • CMS(Contents Management System)
  • SMS(System Management System)
  • Report(Statistics Monitoring)


  • IPTV, Internet TV service