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We joined with Hanwha to develop Enterprisee Brodcast Development, Hanwha Life is a leading life insurance company with the longest history in Korea. We have been driving the development of the insurance industry and the country’s economic growth with our customer-oriented management philosophy. In 2014, we reported total assets of USD 84 billion. We have also received a sterling AAA credit rating from Korea’s top rating agencies for the past eight consecutive years.

Leading the industry with innovative products, Hanwha Life is committed to developing new services that will meet both market trends and customer demand, utilizing thorough analysis on the rapidly changing insurance landscape and on recent consumer trends to emphasize life-style issues such as health and retirement. In 2014, the company’s pension plan was named the 2014 Best New Financial Product by the Financial Supervisory Service. With 11 exclusive licenses, more than any competitor, we have been recognized for our original insurance policies.

Hanwha Life has been fulfilling its responsibility as a member of the community. In 2014, we won the “Socially Responsible Company Award” and were inducted to the hall of fame, receiving the prize for ten consecutive years. We also received the Seoul Mayor’s Award for Social Welfare and the Minister of Health and Welfare Award in recognition of contributions to society.

Hanwha Life has also been recognized through various certificates and awards from
government organizations and customer satisfaction survey firms. We ranked top in the life insurance sector of the Korea Service Awards hosted by the Korea Standards Association for five consecutive years through 2014. For the 2014 Korea Service Quality Index survey managed by Korea Management Asset Consulting, we were at the top for customer service for five consecutive years and call centers for three consecutive years. Hanwha Life is the first in the industry to be granted Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 3 and ePRIVACY mark for privacy protection on our website, leading the industry in our efforts to protect consumer information.

In 2015, Hanwha Life announced a new vision to become a leading player in the global insurance industry. As part of the vision, three mid-to-longterm strategies were established: 1. develop world-class business competencies. 2. ensure cost competitiveness for sustainable growth. 3. expand global presence. We will improve customer convenience by entering growth businesses such as health and pensions, expanding mobile subscriptions, and introducing digital CRM. In addition, we will develop a value-based business management system to reduce cost and increase value. By developing nation-wide sales networks and diversifying distribution channels in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, we will strengthen our position globally and advance into other markets in Asia including Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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