All three major telcos (KT, LGU+, SK Broadband) in South Korea are using OnnuriNet Solutions. High quality media service is available wherever there is internet access. OnnuriNet provides IPTV Solutions of upmost quality with its accumulated technology.

Mobile Solution we provide adaptive streaming technology that changes bitrate depending on the network condition. As a result the customers can enjoy optimum video service wherever they are and the providers can offer stabilized service with reduced sub server sessions.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Hyundai Group and Dongbu Insurance are using OnnuriNet Enterprise Broadcasting Solution. Using high quality media, Nationwide and worldwide staff training, distribution of promotional material, available services include morning assemblies, award ceremonies, and opening ceremonies.


 CDN technology we provide will resolve the problem of instability and speed degradation in content delivery. It improves speed by securing several cache servers under the ISP network and delivering the contents provided by the CP to cache servers in advance.

Latest projects

OnnuriCast is a solution through which customers can shoot a live broadcasting using mobile devices and professional cameras, and watch it on their mobiles, websites and LED board vehicles, OnnuriCast provides equipment rental(such as ENG Camera and movable encoder), live broadcast platform, and movable wireless router to ensure high quality video and to cut down on expenses.