Video Surveillance Solution

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AirStream is a cloud-based VSaaS solution which enables you to store, manage, record, play & monitor surveillance footage on the go. Too lazy to set up the DVR/NVR systems? Bid them adieu as you can now setup your security system using just an IP camera,
an internet connection (using which you are viewing this page) & our solution.

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Easily monitor, control & manage the system remotely using the built-in admin & user dashboards.

Watch live CCTV and/or archived footage on the go with the AirStream Android & iOS mobile apps.

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Cloud Storage

Access footage data on the go.

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The system encrypts data using AES encryption so worry not, your data is safe.

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Receive immediate alerts and real-time updates.

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Talk back

Users can interact remotely with guests / delivery agents through the camera.

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Camera Control

Camera can be remotely controlled through the app

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Simply add cameras and additional backup storage as needed

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