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IPTV/OTT Solutions

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Enterprise IPTV

Live Broadcast Solution, on-demand bi-directional broadcast solution and IPTV system management solution.

IPTV for Telcos

Offers the ability to stream the source content seamlessly.

Stream interactive content

Enables users to access and interact with their favourite content anywhere, anytime on any device.


Create AR and VR interactive services over your existing IPTV and let your subscribers experience interactive channels.

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Zoom in/out videos while streaming Not able to see that miniscule detail in the live streaming 8K video you are watching. As Bobby McFerrin sang, "... don't worry, be happy ..." as you can now zoom in/out and pan videos with our solution.

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Premium user experience Our OTT platform ensures that your end-user enjoys a premium user experience. Bring down the fourth wall by allowing users to take control over how they watch the content.

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